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Do you have to be Vegan to eat plant based?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I come across this question a lot when I'm having a plant based burger or pizza and straight away someone around me says, "Omg are you Vegan now??" Like it's some kind of naughty word. The truth is you don't have to be Vegan to enjoy plants or plant based foods. I'm a flexitarian. What does that mean I hear you say? Well, a couple of days out of the week, I like to eat only plant based foods and products. It gives me a nice balance in my diet and lifestyle.

I think we could all give ourselves a little #meatbreak now and then and cook some colorful and flavorful dishes. When you have the right dish, it doesn't need a piece of chicken or fish. It is simply perfect as is. The goal is to move away from the factory farmed meats and source better quality ingredients. This is where plant based diets can really play an important part of achieving that balance in your diet.

My mum would always tell me I was the only siblings in my family to eat all my veggies as a kid growing up. Which was strange as all my mates at school did not. So friends embrace them and the next time someone asks you, "Omg are you a vegan now??", just reply, "Only on the weekends!" ;)

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