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Who We Are

It all started with a love of food from an early age. Vegetables were always front and center for me as a kid and later as a professional chef.  I worked in kitchens for over 10 years in some of the best restaurants around Europe and Canada. Always focusing on the produce and trying to get the best out what was available at the time.

When I saw the effects of factory farming I wanted to do my part and try and eat less meat products. So I thought let's go plant based for a couple days of the week.


When I looked at what was available to buy in the grocery stores for plant based products, I was shocked to see how overly processed everything was. How was this better for me??

So my chef brain kicked in straight away and I thought I can make this myself.


I started with one of my family favorite dishes growing up, Butter Chicken. Could I really make a plant based version, tastier than the original, that was Butter-less and Chicken-less?!?! It turns out I could...BC Sauce was born!

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